Melanie Wrigglesworth
Wanted for: Taking too many seniors out biking this summer!
How to Donate: Click donate button above!

Bail Amount: $1000 
Total Bail Amount: $1,236.05! 
Bail Donated To: Cycling Without Ages operations.

Fernie Brewing Co.’s Social Media + Marketing Coordinator is behind bars...
Wanted for: Taking more photos of dogs than FBC beers!
How to Donate: Head to FBC Thursday March 3 from 2pm-7pm to try their special Griz Days Pilot Brew - help raise funds to release Soranne! OR Click the donate button below.
Bail Amount: $500 
Total Bail Amount: $564!
Bail Donated To: Fernie Pets Society, who are the Cheers to Charity recipients for March.

Allison Cisco a.k.a The Cisco Kid
Wanted for: Dancing to the National Anthem with a Llama
How to Donate: Click donate button below!
Bail Amount: $500 

Total Bail Amount: $270!
Bail Donated To:  the Fernie Women's Resource Centre


Jess (She/Her)  & Michelle (She/Her)
Wanted for: Causing chaos at the Library by ignoring the Dewey Decimal system and misappropriation of library property
How to Donate: Click donate button below!
Bail Amount: $500 

Total Bail Amount: $660!
Bail Donated To:  Friends of the Fernie Heritage Library Society

Kathy Skating.png

Coach Kathy
The Fernie Skating Club's Coach Kathy has been thrown in the Griz Jail..

Wanted for: Influencing too many children and youth to excel on and off the ice.
How to Donate: Click donate button below!
Bail Amount: $500 

Total Bail Amount: $710!
Bail Donated To:  Fernie Skating Club

What is Griz Most Wanted?

In an effort to have Griz Days festivities more closely connected with the community and its non-profit organizations, the Griz Jail and Most Wanted Program is back again!

Through this opportunity organizations and businesses are invited to “jail” and have one their employees/members to be one of Griz Days MOST WANTED. The organization, with promotional and logistical support from the Griz Days Committee, will then raise money to pay “the bail” through various fundraising activities - the funds raised will be donated to a local non-profit organization of their choice.


  1. Your business/organization chooses a local non-profit organization it would like to support

  2. Your business/organization chooses an employee/member to be your MOST WANTED (a person with a high profile in the community or a new manager/employee you want to introduce to the community)

  3. Set the Bail amount (this is your fundraising target and is the amount you think your organization can raise in the time frame)

  4. Between March 2-7 your organization engages the community in

  5. fundraising activities – ideas range from donation jars on

  6. business counters or partner with another venue (restaurants/

  7. pubs) offer specials, host virtual events, Facebook live promotions

  8. – use your imagination!


The Griz Days Committee will offer support, promotion and logistics

in the following ways:

  1. Social Media – promotion of each of the Most Wanted on Griz

  2. Days social media channels; expectation that each business and

  3. non-profit will also push the content on their own social media

  4. streams – 3x the sharing

  5. Griz Days Jail – the jail will be provided as a prop to take

  6. promotional photos, videos etc. This is available on a first come

  7. first served basis with COVID-19 procedures around social distancing, sanitizing and masks in place.

  8. All Most Wanted and representatives will be given the opportunity to submit a short video about your organization and your fund-raising goals that will b posted on


If you have any questions about the program please contact Jesse Ross at