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Grade 2 - 4 Winner - Everette Gollat

Grade 2 – Everett Gollat

How the Griz lived

It was a windy night in 1881. The Griz was only 2 years old sleeping in a cave. He had no Dad and his Mom died. It was cold in that cave. But the Griz was ok with it. He had a coat made out of bear fur and a racoon tail hat with a cozy wax blanket that his Mom left before she died. In the morning the Griz woke up and rubbed his eyes. Then the Griz grabbed his musket which his mom gave him and went out to hunt deer. On the way there he saw some people riding planks and some sort of sticks. He got an idea…. So, he went to get some trees but when he got there, there were no trees. It was too rocky for trees to grow. All that was there was these things people use to go around in deep snow called snowshoes. The Griz tried them on.

“They fit!” the Griz exclaimed.

Now he could go down farther to and get trees. It was a long walk. He finally made it. He chopped the tree then went back up. He made the skis then he went outside. ZOOM! He went flying.

“ WEEEE THIS IS FUN!” The Griz exclaimed.

And he met up with the skiers.

The End

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