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Grade 5 - 6 - Griz: A Rusty Road for a Carer


- Will Kelly

[The Fernie Academy]

GRIZ has passion, GRIZ has determination but how did he begin his love for skiing. GRIZ started like any other, trash. It all began when GRIZ was eating lice and maggots on his mountain when his mother who was a bear came over and said ‘’GRIZ, you need to get outside and get some exercise. When, you live on a mountain you need to be able to do something’’ GRIZ said ‘’what am I supposed to do’’. ‘’Remember when you shot your musket you made all those ski runs, go skiing.’’

GRIZ got up and went to the hill. He straight lined every thing and soon got the hang of it. For some reason he WALKED up the hill. It usually took him, a good soiled hour.

After a few runs he saw Lany his cousin. All of a sudden Lany started doing backflips and corks. GRIZ was amazed how Lany could do all of this. So GRIZ tried out a backflip. At the end of the day GRIZ had 3 rib fractures 7 heart attacks and 1 broken arm.

He still loves the sport and after being on rehab for 11 years he now shoots his musket every day so he can train for the WOFA, the WINTER OLIMPICS FOR ANIMALS on some POW.

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