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Grade 5 - 6 - Griz Life

Griz Life

-by Reese Thumma

In the mountains there lived the great Griz who had a love of snowboarding. He was taught by bears, the sacred bears of snowboarding. Griz learned from the bear Raarara who was their chief.

Everyday Griz went snowboarding with Raarara. One day Griz had a crash at Fish Mountain. He tried a triple backflip like he did yesterday but he failed!!

The bears had no choice; they had to take him to the human’s hospital because Griz is human. When he got there, the doctors saved him and told the story about the day he killed a Grizzly bear.

Griz was horrified. He said “I did not kill the bear. I played with him.” Then he said “that bear was like a dad to me. He gave me a home, clothes and a snowboard”. Then the doctors asked “what is snowboarding”? He explained what snowboarding is but then the doctors said “but we do not get snow”.

So Griz went to his bear family and they had a meeting about if they should give the humans snow. Most of them said “no”. So the Griz made a deal, he said “if I do 10 backflips we will let the humans have snow”. All the bears agreed.

The next day Griz did 10 front flips but the bears still counted it. Every year Griz and his bear’s friends fire snow in to the sky and that is how the winter sport began.

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