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Grade 5 - 6 - GRIZ: The Board

GRIZ: The Board

- Frankie La Peter Gr.6

(The Fernie Academy)

As a young adult, Griz had a passion for snow. This passion started for him a long time ago, when the ski resort in Fernie opened. Griz was curious when suddenly his quiet forest was overwhelmed with sound: laughing, yelling, and the sound of machinery.

Griz was so surprised that he went to look over the edge. Griz saw many people. At first, he thought they were just walking, but when he looked closer, he saw that they were standing on wooden boards, some were whole and some were split. Griz watched all afternoon and eventually had a thought: “that looks like fun! Why don’t I make a board?” and Griz immediately went looking for a fallen tree. Once he found one, he started looking for two stumps to start making his board. That night, Griz slept by his work spot and in the morning, he ran to the edge of the mountain to observe how the boards looked.

He took note of how they were curved, the shape, the style, the tips, everything. Once he was sure he had observed everything, he rushed back to his station and started working. Days and nights went by and he worked and observed. Night after night, day after day, he worked, only stopping to shoot the clouds with his gun to make it snow. Finally, he had a wonderful board. He cut out holes for his feet and added some branches to clip his feet in. After a good night’s sleep, he tried them out. He got up before the sun was up and got to the mountain before anybody was there. He was surprised the board worked and he was having fun too. After that, Griz decided to watch the humans much more, so that he could have as much fun as they did.

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