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Grade 5 - 6 - How the Griz Discovered Sledding

How Griz Discovered Sledding

By Cruz Hess The Fernie Academy

One beautiful, sunny winter day, Griz was moving furniture around his cave. It was December 24th, Christmas Eve. Out of the Mountains came Peter Rabbit screaming, An avalanche! An avalanche! What do you mean? said Griz. When Santa comes, avalanches come roaring down every year! Remember! shrieked Peter Rabbit. Right said Griz. He had a plan to save himself, and his animal friends. Listen up Peter, I have a plan: meet me at my Cave with Sally Squirrel and Eddie the Yeti when the sun starts to set. Okay. said Peter. Griz started thinking about his plan and soon enough, everyone was about to arrive. When everyone came into his cave, the Griz started talking about his plan to escape the avalanche. We will wait for Santa in my Cave; we will leave him milk and droppings. When he comes, we will get on his sleigh and sled away. We wont have to worry about Santa either, he has magical powers, so hell be fine. Said the Griz, everyone agreed. Three hours later, Sally noticed Santa, Guys! Guys! Hes here! Santas really here!! When Santa dropped to the ground, everyone hid. Ho, ho, ho! Milk and droppings! Yummy! Santa howled. Everyone dashed to the sleigh. The avalanche was coming! The reindeer flew away and Santa used his powers to escape. The friends zipped down the hill through the fresh snow and as they got to the bottom of the hill thats when Griz discovered and learned he loved sledding. He even designed his own sleigh, and some for his friends! After that everybody become a pro! Since Griz rode the first sleigh at the mountain, on Christmas Day he taught all his friends, and their kids, how to sled down the snowy mountain!

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