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Grade 5 - 6 - How the Griz Learned to Snowshoe

How the Griz learned to snowshoe - By Madeline St.Jean academy

It all started in history on the day Griz blew his horn. When the snow was falling, he noticed something peeking out from the snow. Griz walked over and saw snowshoes. He knew what they were because he saw a hiker wearing them. Griz strapped them on and started walking. He started walking ON the snow. It was different than trudging in the snow. Griz took long walks and built snow sculptures with them. But he was easier to notice by skiers.

A while later, Griz woke up from a nights sleep, and went to get his snowshoes for his morning walk. They weren’t were he left them. So he checked the side of his bed. It wasn’t there either. “Were could it be?’’ He thought. Griz checked outside, no luck. But in the distance, he saw an early skier on a slope. He was holding something in his hand. It looked weird. Then, Griz noticed it was HIS snowshoes. Griz had them for a while, six months now. Griz was going to get his snowshoes back.

Griz snuck between snow clumps, trees and boulders. He was following the skier. He would not go back home until he had snowshoes in his hand. At one point, the skier stopped to fix his boot. Griz snuck up and swiped the snowshoes from the ground and took out his skies he had attached to his backpack, put them on and bolted away. Griz didn’t stop skiing until he got to his cave, with his snowshoes in one hand and skis in the other.

Griz has had his snowshoes for a while now. No one ever suspected that Griz stole the snowshoes. Griz uses his snowshoes a lot and is glad he has them.


@2020 by Fernie Chamber of Commerce (Griz Days organizers)

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