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Grade - 5 - 6 - The Griz's Creation


Abigail St Jean, Grade 6, The Fernie Academy

One calm, cloudy day, GRIZ was sitting in his cave, counting up his carving stones.

Then he thought: “why don’t I go outside?” GRIZ decided that he would and got up and walked around his cave. He started hiking up the GRIZ mountain. When he got to the top, he let out his daily yawn. “ROOOOAAAAAR!!!” he yawned. Feeling calm and happy, GRIZ turned to start hiking down, he had stopped as soon as he started.

He had stepped on something odd. It was a huge piece of plastic! GRIZ was confused and stooped low to pick it up. but, he was standing on ice and he slipped! He landed tummy down on the plastic, and started sliding down the mountainside! GRIZ started screaming in shock so loudly that the townsfolk stopped what they where doing and looked up in confusion. He was sliding so fast, past the museum of snowmen, past the abominable snowman’s barbecue, past his cave, all the way to the town.

As the plastic slowed down, the GRIZ stopped screaming and rolled off of it. He lay on the snow thinking about what just happened, and decided to bring the plastic up into his cave. He hiked up to his cave, plastic piece over his shoulder, and lay it on the cave floor. GRIZ then picked up his sharpest carving stone and shaped the plastic. He made the front curved, the sides curved, and the end flat. Beaming over his creation, GRIZ had created the first ever sled.

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