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Grade 5 - 6 - Why the Griz Loves to Ski

Why Griz loves to ski by Ava Pollock The Fernie Academy

Griz always liked winter, but he was beginning to get really bored. One day when he was wandering outside thinking of what to do, he slipped on two large planks of wood and started sliding down the hill. When Griz got to the bottom he thought it was fun, but he didn't know how to get the wood to stay on his feet. That night he had an idea “What if I tie the wood to my feet” he said to himself.

The next day with some strong string Griz tied his feet to the wood. Griz loved doing this, he did this every day until the snow melted in April. Then in December he would tie the wood to his feet again. One day he wanted the wood to go faster, he also wanted them to have a name. He didn't know what to call them, but he knew how to make them go faster. To make them go faster he would make a wax that he would rub along the bottom of the wood. He did this and he went way faster. While he was sliding one day he heard a bird say something it sounded like “ski”. After that he called the wood skis.

Years later from the top of the mountain he could see people skiing. People would sometimes even hike up to where Griz has skied all his life, but when people went up he always hid in his cave and watched them ski. One day there was just a thin layer of snow and skiers were hiking, Griz went to the top of the mountain and shot his musket. Griz did this and a thick layer of snow fell over the town. The skiers were astonished by what they saw and continued skiing, Fernie’s now infamous POW!

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