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Grade 5 - 6 Winner - Gary Blocksom

How Board is the Griz?

Gray Blocksom, Gr. 6

(The Fernie Academy)

One Day, a long time ago, at the top of the three sisters a young Griz, without his beard, was hibernating. He had been sound asleep for multiple weeks, maybe even months. He had been waiting for winter to end because at the time Griz hated winter. All Griz’s sleeping plans went awry when loud footsteps awoke Griz.

Griz stomped outside being furious. “Whoever did that will face my wrath!!!!” he screamed and it shook the whole mountain! In all of his anger he punched a tree so hard it split in half! Griz stomped back into his ice cave seeking revenge. He tried to fall back asleep, but the loud footsteps got closer and louder by the minute. Griz ran outside flaming furious. He glanced around looking for the thing making the footsteps. Eventually he saw feet about size 50. He glanced up and saw a 60 feet tall abominable snowman. Griz looked around and immediately knew what to do.

He jumped on the tree he knocked over and glided down the mountain. After that day Griz loved snowboarding so much he didn’t have time to do anything else, like shaving his beard. That’s why he has his crazy beard and his love for snowboarding!

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